“The Big Awkward” Virtual Program

A month ago, our nation was reeling from a series of violent events and news happenings.  Many of our friends and colleagues reached out with questions about how they could appropriately react in their workplace to address the current climate. In response to this overwhelming demand for guidance, we are thrilled to announce “The Big […]

Demonstrators in favor of LGBT rights rally outside the US Supreme Court on Oct 8, 2020.

Once Upon A Time – Civil Rights Didn’t Mean Anything

Up until June 15th, employers in over half the States in the Nation could fire someone simply because they were Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual or Transgender.  As astonishing as they may sound to some, to others it was a very real fact of life.  We are amid a significant Black Lives Matter movement and the timing […]

anti-racism in the workplace

The Balance Between Race and Being Human

The Road to Anti Racism In The Workplace A client of mine reminded me of a delicate balance that so many of us often forget, being color agnostic at work, does not mean you need to be inhumane to people with differences.  What is interesting to me as an EEO investigator and trainer, I am […]

Zoom for Dummies – preorder now

Okay so this post is a little out of my norm, but I have a friend who is engaged by Wiley Company and additional participation by Zoom to author a book on Zoom for Dummies.  There is everything from Zoom basics to the many things  many of us are learning and don’t even know about […]

COVID-19 Outbreak - Employees Working from Home - Its Time to Prepare.

Maintaining Focused Work At Home Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus is Scary – But Presents Employers With An Opportunity! During this trying time in the US, many companies have moved to work-from-home production. Employers and employees are setting up their WFH office spaces in the hopes that they can slow the outbreak of COVID-19 among their friends, families, and our population as a […]