Effective EEO training

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Risk Management

Our Jobs Are Easier… and More Complicated Than Ever Before! I have been a Human Resources leader for a couple of decades, turned neutral workplace investigator and educator around sexual harassment and discrimination issues in the workplace. I have experienced the many practical challenges we all have around integrated sound training, education and solid risk […]

LGBTQ Worker Rights

LGBTQ Discrimination Decision from the US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Decision Hanging in the Balance of LGBTQ Discrimination Surprisingly to some, in 2020 people can be legally fired from their job because of their sexual preferences and gender identity.  Certainly, there are varied social opinions surrounding these matters. Regardless of your political, religious and social views, these issues are being actively discussed […]

Harvey Weinstein Arraigned On Rape And Criminal Sex Act Charges

A New Year, A New Decade | #MeToo Continues as Harvey Weinstein Trial Begins

A New Year, A New Decade, #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein Trial Begins – bringing a closure to what is surely a first chapter in a new story around sexual harassment, discrimination and gender equality in the workplace. The United States of America was founded in part in the quest of equality and has continued as a […]

Stop discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace

A New Year’s Resolution For Every Business

Reduce Workplace Sexual Harassment & Discrimination This year, help reduce your companies’ risk and help your employees at the same time.  New York City shows a 22% increase in sexual harassment cases. This is a good reminder if you haven’t met the mandated sexual harassment and discrimination training requirements, you should do this ASAP.  EEO Training […]

Discrimination at work

Employers Under Scrutiny for Methods of Handling Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Employers are under scrutiny for the way they are handling possible matters of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The #MeToo movement has been a beacon of change to help create a forum for possible victims to come forward about sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Part of this increased scrutiny employers are […]