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Working With Current and Future Leaders to Better Themselves and Their Businesses

Leaders in all facets of the workforce ranging from senior executives and high potential leaders in business to professional athletes often have blind spots that they are unaware of, which can harm their leadership effectiveness. Executive coaching provides a highly customized and direct solution for leaders to have a partner who is there to challenge them when necessary so they can grow and become even more effective.

Reasons to Hire Strategy People Culture may include:

Strong desire to become a better leader for your business and the people around you

Professionally trained, years of practical experience and being real is important to us

Constant push to enable good leaders to be great leaders and great leaders to be even greater

What A Coach Focuses On
Effective EEO training

Deepen self-awareness – explorers of what limitations may exist holding someone back and elevating an understanding of strengths.

Ability to help identify and refine core challenges needed to be worked through.

Confidentiality and clear understanding of what will be shared ahead of time – no surprises and absolute trust.

Working beyond leadership challenges and enhanced skill sets is the incessant goal.

Philosophy is all based on providing support and challenge for thoughts to bring to action.

Results – enhanced leadership and organization-wide productivity.

Facilitation of 360° review process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question and the answer really begins with why you want an executive coach in the first place. "Coaching" has become a huge field with many different perspectives on what coaching should be. Are you looking for a consultant (e.g., someone to tell you based on their view what you need to do differently, or are you looking for someone to challenge your thought process to help you come up with a broader way of thinking about the different situation? This type of question is incredibly important to ensure you are engaging with someone who will be a good fit for you. At Strategy People Culture, you can expect us to consistently be modeled in the theory that your coach's role is to challenge your thinking, support you in expanding past your comfort zone, and be a private accountability partner. While we will certainly share perspectives we may have, you should expect us to push you to a place where you can fully own your decisions so you can better learn from the mistakes and sustain the successes. You can expect your coach to provide a safe and trusted partnership that you may not receive in the day-to-day business context.

What is making better decisions over the course of time worth? What is having your employees better respect you worth? Can you put a price on your own happiness? Effective coaching should strengthen your self-awareness (even if you believe you are already self-aware), make you a better leader, help you see greater perspective to make better decisions, and much much more.

The role of a good executive coach will adapt based on the needs of their clients. SPC coaches will be more thought and challenge partners than advisors. Your coach will challenge your thinking, support you in pushing beyond your comfort zone, and be an accountability partner. This will take many forms, from being a sounding board to being a role model, an outlet to talk about various issues with, and sometimes pushing back when you need it.

Our point of view is an executive coach can ALWAYS be of value. The key is for the leader to be successfully coached to be receptive and open-minded. Coaching unequivocably works best when working with a high achieving and successful leader that is simply looking for help to raise the ceiling of their potential. Other organizations engage coaches when they have a valuable member of the team who is successful in many ways but struggling with a particular issue. Some companies look to coaches to help with last-resort situations to turn around a faltering employee. SPC is not interested in those last-ditch situations as we do not believe they have a high chance of success.

The most important thing is to give real thought to what you are working on between sessions. It is not unusual to have "homework" from meeting to meeting. Ensuring you do the work in between meetings will ensure you achieve maximum results. Beyond that, bring your issues, thoughts, and ideas into the meeting. Executive coaching is about your agenda, not the coaches. If you show up and are present in the conversation, you will have quite a great ride!