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Andrew provided me a level of comfort where I felt that I could really openly share any of those concerns or any of those challenges that I need to address. Andy never pointed anything out to me, it was all done in such a way where that realization was brought about through my own sort of self-identification, and I think that makes it more powerful. I would encourage anyone, whether they are a new leader or a more seasoned leader, I’ll encourage them to reach out to Andy.

Ken Morris
VP, External Affairs - St. Joseph’s Health

Executive Coaching & Leadership Training Services by Andrew Botwin

Executive Coaching For Stronger Business

Executive & Leadership Coaching

  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Leadership development & assessment
  • Improved & strengthened relationships
  • Plan for sustained change & growth
Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

  • Risk Management
  • Independent and objective
  • Favorable pre-trial judgments
  • Liability assessments
Eeo Training

Sexual Harassment Training

  • Improves profitability and employee productivity
  • Risk management
  • Reduces legal liability
  • Fosters a better working environment
Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture

  • Increase profit and productivity
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve recruitment process
  • Culture change management
Workplace Culture Hero

Workplace Culture

Assessing and Building workplace cultures to enhance long-term business profitability

Leadership Coaching

Our Mission

Fostering better awareness for both people and business.



A stronger business, increased awareness and deeper understanding.

Andrew Botwin Executive Leadership Coach

Andrew Botwin
Executive and Leadership Coach

Andrew (or Andy) founded Strategy People Culture, LLC in 2012 with a passion for working with the interconnectivity between people and business and the fundamental beliefs in the symbiotic relationship between the advancement and success of both people and business. Andy is a seasoned executive and leadership coach, independent workplace investigator, and trainer with more than 25 years of experience working with companies across various levels.

Andy combines executive coaching, workplace investigations, and training to make a meaningful impact to his clients.  Andy specializes in helping leaders to elevate their self-awareness and to reach beyond their potential as a leader.

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Leadership and Executive Coaching Blogs

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