Stop discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace

A New Year’s Resolution For Every Business

Reduce Workplace Sexual Harassment & Discrimination This year, help reduce your companies’ risk and help your employees at the same time.  New York City shows a 22% increase in sexual harassment cases. This is a good reminder if you haven’t met the mandated sexual harassment and discrimination training requirements, you should do this ASAP.  EEO Training […]

Discrimination at work

Employers Under Scrutiny for Methods of Handling Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

Employers are under scrutiny for the way they are handling possible matters of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The #MeToo movement has been a beacon of change to help create a forum for possible victims to come forward about sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Part of this increased scrutiny employers are […]

sexual harassment in the workplace

Does The So-Called Faragher-Ellerth Defense For Employers Still Exist?

Overview of The Faragher-Ellerth Defense In 1998, the United States Supreme Court weighed in on two landmark decisions in the cases of Faragher v. Boca Raton, 524 U.S. 775 (1998) and Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth, 524 U.S. 742 (1998). These cases are widely known for establishing a couple of basic legal principles around employer […]

Connecticut Times Up Act

Time’s Up Connecticut!

Do You Have Your Training In Place? You Better! Connecticut’s Governor signed into the laws known as the “Time’s Up Act” now mandating all Connecticut employers with 3 or more employees to give all employees at least 2 hours of training on sexual harassment education.  The law requires all existing employees to have the two […]

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal and Wendy Rhoades Don’t Quite Get Executive Coaching

The Wall Street published a great article discussing the concept of executive coaching and therapy becoming intertwined.  Executive Coaching is a broad term in a billion-dollar industry that isn’t quite what the Wendy Rhoades character depicts in the popular Showtime series Billions in real life.  Coaching is an unregulated field with certifications and education ranging from […]