Why Even Top Executives Experience Imposter Syndrome

Why Even Top Executives Experience Imposter Syndrome?


Did you know that some of the most accomplished and successful executives feel like frauds? Despite their evident success, they can’t shake off the feeling that they don’t deserve it and that they will soon be found out. This phenomenon is surprisingly common among executives. A recent survey conducted by Moneypenny highlights that imposter syndrome…

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Leadership’s Role In Addressing And Preventing Workplace Discrimination And Harassment

Leadership’s Role in Addressing and Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Harassment


Workplace discrimination and harassment have been a challenge for organizations for centuries and, today, have become more visible than ever through social media and the speed of information. Despite progressive measures by legislatures, employers, and enforcement agencies, such issues continue to pervade workplaces, negatively affecting employees and companies alike. While many people differ in their…

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How To Establish A Culture Of Psychological Safety In The Workplace

How to Establish a Culture of Psychological Safety in the Workplace


Creating a psychologically safe workplace is essential for any successful business. Some leaders may challenge this notion and ask why? Some leaders may even feel the opposite believing their employees perform better when they feel unsafe. If you believe this, skip to the end and call us immediately for help. If you buy into the…

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Situational Awareness Dei Leadership

Situational Awareness in Leadership, Part 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


For the past two blog posts, we’ve covered the topic of situational awareness. This is the ability to perceive your surroundings, properly interpret what is happening, and act according to what you determine may happen next. One of the most important elements of good situational awareness is a mental framework based on experience. This experience…

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2022 Employment Law Roundtable Live Event

Andrew Botwin to Join The 2022 Employment Law Roundtable [Live Event]


Sponsored by the NJSBA Labor and Employment Law Section Format/Skill Level: Event Location: Live Date: December 6, 2022 Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET   About The Program: Our annual Employment Law Roundtable will bring you up to date about the most pressing issues facing employers and employees.   Program Agenda: 9:00AM – 10:00AM…

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