Andrew Botwin Joins Andrew Frazier On Small Business Like A Pro

Andrew Botwin Joins Andrew Frazier on Talking Small Business


Organizations with a strong culture tend to outperform in terms of employee retention, productivity, and profitability. However, developing the right culture is both an art and a science. Andrew Frazier will be talking with Andrew Botwin about How To Create A High Performing Culture. Andrew founded Strategy People Culture, LLC, a Firm dedicated to helping…

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Andrew Botwin Joins Interview On Today'S Workplace

Andrew Botwin Joins Barbara Johnson & Belinda Reed Shannon on Today’s Workplace


On this episode of Today’s Workplace, we take a deeper dive into how employers can create the culture they desire in their rapidly changing workplaces with Andrew Botwin, a seasoned executive & leadership coach, independent workplace investigator, and trainer with more than 25 years of experience working with companies across various levels. Andy Botwin founded…

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Leadership In Times Of Controversy In Light Of The Recent Changes To The Roe V Wade

Leadership in Times of Controversy in Light of the Recent Changes to the Roe v Wade


The overturning of the Roe v Wade ruling from 1973 by SCOTUS (the Supreme Court of The United States) ended a 50-year constitutional right to abortion. Of course, the formal decision became a bit of a formality after the decision was leaked nearly two months prior. What does this rule of law mean for you…

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Understanding Unconscious Bias With Andrew Botwin

Understanding Unconscious Bias with Andrew Botwin


Date: March 23, 2022, 5:30pm – 8:00pm Location: Jersey City, New Jersey Event Type: Meeting Understanding Unconscious Bias – “It’s them, not me!” “It’s them, not me!”  Many of your employees believe issues of bias are the result of other people, not themselves. The truth is, we ALL HAVE BIAS.  As an HR community, this…

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Sexual Harassment And Discrimination Training

10 Reasons You Need Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training in Your Business


Image Credit: President Joe Biden just made it law in this country prohibiting mandatory arbitration for sexual-harassment claims.  What this means for employers is an increased possibility of fighting claims in the Courts.  This is yet another reason employers should be focusing on what they can do to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination altogether.…

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