What Is Hostile Work Environment

Hostile Work Environment – What This Really Means!


Having run a practice for over a decade focused on EEO matters such as sexual harassment and discrimination issues in the workplace, the phrase hostile work environment is used frequently and is often misunderstood. The Actual Definition According to dictionary.com one of the definitions of “hostile” is “a person or thing that is antagonistic or…

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Impact Of Workplace Harassment Discrimination Corporate America

The Impact of Harassment and Discrimination in Corporate America’s Policies


If there’s one issue that social media has shined a vivid light upon, it’s discrimination. In recent years, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and other movements have pushed for increased awareness in regards to a variety of harassment and discrimination cases. Not much stays under the rug anymore. Although these conversations cannot remove systemic challenges to…

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5 Workplace Conflict Examples How To Handle Them

5 Workplace Conflict Examples – And How to Handle Them


Conflict – it’s something every leader deals with, no matter their skill or experience level. There will always be complaints, disagreements, and problems that require your attention. The key is learning how to handle these conflicts in a manner that contributes to a happier, more productive work environment.  As a leader, it’s up to you…

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Practical And Legal Issues Employer Needs To Know Sept

Working Without Boundaries: Practical and Legal Issues Employers Need to Know? — Conversation Continued


In July 2021 we had the first conversation addressing the accelerated demands for remote working throughout the county and the world. Overwhelmingly, the panelists received requests to expand the conversation. Whether you attended the first session or not, this will be a don’t miss discussion, with experts tackling the many difficult questions related to employment…

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Examining The Importance Of Workplace Discrimination Training Investigation

Examining the Importance of Workplace Discrimination Training & Investigation


No one wants to be discriminated against based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion – especially in their workplace. Any form of discrimination can negatively affect people, but discrimination in workplace organizations is illegal throughout the United States.  A recent supreme court ruling showcases current-day issues around discrimination, which universities and employers alike…

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