Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important in Leadership


Technical know-how and understanding your business are undoubtedly important to leading a team. However, surprisingly, these are not always the most important qualities of a good leader. In fact, in many situations, people may be promoted to a leadership role due to their expertise, only to flounder and wonder why. Often, this is because they…

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Situational Awareness In The Workplace

Situational Awareness in Leadership Part 2 – Impact on Employees


Last week, we introduced the concept of situational awareness – the ability to perceive your surroundings, properly interpret what is happening, and act according to what you determine may happen next. We also briefly presented cases where situational awareness is critical to leadership. In this article, we’ll expand on those cases to give a better…

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Situational Awareness In Leadership Reading The Room – Part 1

Situational Awareness in Leadership: Reading the Room – Part 1


We’ve all encountered people like this: “those guys” who are so wrapped up in what they are doing that they are seemingly unconscious of how their action affects others. The slower driver who drifts in front of you on the freeway as you approach, even though, at that moment, you may be the only two…

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Decision Making As A Leader

Top 5 Decision-Making Skills of A Great Leader


Every day we are faced with decisions, big and small. Business leaders know this all too well, as the big ones generally fall on them. From deciding whether to pursue a new business venture or adding/laying off a personnel to any other choices that can make or break the success of an organization. Good decision-making…

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How Listening Can Improve Your Leadership Skills

How Listening Can Improve Your Leadership Skills


Have you ever had a conversation where you are speaking to coworkers, only to have their eyes glaze over, have them respond with a few “uh-huhs” or even glance periodically at their phone while you are talking? If this happens even occasionally, do you find yourself wanting to engage with this person less often? Do…

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