Investigations for Both Workplaces and Education Environments

Providing Experience, Objectivity and Understanding to Title VII and Title IX Matters

In today’s fast-moving environment, there are many drivers for completing educational environment and workplace investigations, some of which are:

To determine the facts surrounding potential harassment or discrimination

To provide the framework for appropriate disciplinary action

To be compliant with Federal and State laws

To ensure schools and work environments are effectively investigating claims of discrimination and harassment

To mitigate costly litigation and provide support for summary judgment

To increase employee productivity and reduce turnover

To reinforce the cultural values of an organization


Why Should Your Company Hire
Strategy People Culture, LLC Investigators?

Educational institutions and business organizations may perform investigations on their own behalf or may use external counsel to perform the investigation.

Investigation reports are discoverable in litigation and the investigator is subject to being deposed and called as a witness to litigation.  The advantages of hiring an independent investigator include:

Experience with Investigations

An expert will be focused on the proper way to conduct investigations, which may reduce potentially costly mistakes.

Lack of Conflict of interest

Eliminates any potential conflict of interest if internal employees or external counsel had previously handled the investigation.

Attorney/Client Privilege

Conversations with the organization’s outside counsel can remain privileged if an independent investigator is tasked with fact-finding.

More Varied Experience
Limited Career Advancement For Women


Removes the possibility of the existence of management (including human resources) who may have a conscious or unconscious bias towards protecting the organization, or may not be able to effectively identify the facts of a matter.

Transparency of Investigations

Will show potential victims, those around the matter, and a potential jury that you take these matters seriously and want objective fact-finding in pursuit of the truth.

Additional Advantages:


Strategy People Culture is managed by a former C-level executive who is legally trained and an HR expert; we are impartial in our investigations and empathize with the concerns of all potential parties in mind.

Focused Experience

We have experience conducting investigations involving all levels of individuals and groups across many industries.


Strategy People Culture understands the importance of meeting legal obligations and being practical with our clients.


We are licensed attorneys, not practicing lawyers, and will not replace your attorney.


Strategy People Culture is often less expensive than hiring outside counsel.


Strategy People Culture is respectful of everyone involved and understands the complexities that surround these issues.


The cornerstone to Strategy People Culture’s operating principles: we operate with Conviction, Adaptability & Accountability, Realness, and Enthusiasm. Our goal is to help our clients better understand the circumstances leading to our involvement.

Ethics and integrity are elements in everything Strategy People Culture does.


Strategy People Culture’s strong code of ethics prevents disclosure of client information beyond the legal boundaries of subpoenas, depositions, and litigations; no information will be shared with outside parties unless legally required to do so.

Trusted and Certified

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest reason for hiring an outside company such as Strategy People Culture to perform an investigation of a complaint is for objectivity and neutrality. The sad truth is internal employees who are often conducting investigations have competing interests around the results of the investigation. To get to an objective conclusion is critical. Hiring an independent company has many implications, including risk management. Ask yourself, if you had to defend your organization in a legal adjudication or court case, what do you think would have more credibility in front of a panel or jury: a member of your organization’s internal team, or an expert independent and neutral third party?

Investigations vary in size, scope, and complexity. Strategy People Culture prides itself on being flexible to move quickly if and when our clients are ready. We understand there can be time sensitive and SPC will work with you on meeting your time requirements. If time horizons and expectations are not achievable, you can expect us to communicate proactively with you.

There is not a one-size-fits-all to investigations. Often, investigations involve interviewing complainants, potential bad actors, and possible witnesses and looking to find corroborating support in other ways. Usually, the goal of an investigation is to try to determine if a particular action, more likely than not did or did not, occur based on a preponderance of evidence standard or other regulatory standards based on your particular organization.

We do not share information on our investigations with anyone other than the client contact and other authorized members of the client. We do not actively share information with other parties, including witnesses unless considered helpful for an individual interview. We do not commit to absolute confidentiality; however, as a general rule, we take reasonable effort to treat information as confidential. Please note, our investigations are generally not subject to privilege. You should consult with your attorney prior to hiring us.

Too often, we see organizations not take some basic preventative measures against sexual harassment and discrimination in their environments until after they have a problem. We strongly recommend all organizations have anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, complaint procedures, and provide regular training in this area. Additionally, being deliberate on your culture in a way that mitigates discriminatory situations may be extremely helpful.