Business and Marriage – A Success Story

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Business and Marriage – A Success Story

Embracing the Power of Revisiting: Rediscovering Love, Alignment, and Success

Business and marriage: two entities brimming with abundant rewards, satisfaction, and, of course, challenges. The blending of personal and professional lives, particularly when intertwined with marriage, demands skillful equilibrium. Neglecting this delicate balance can result in dire consequences, yet nurturing it diligently can bring forth profound fulfillment in both personal and professional domains.

Meet Ruth and Rich, the emblematic couple who epitomize this delicate dance between love and business.

A Strain on Love and Business: Ruth and Rich’s Background

Elderly Couple Arguing

Ruth and Rich, who have been together for over 40 years, built an impressive empire in the restaurant and hospitality sector. Their endeavors made them local icons. Yet, as their business flourished, their marriage wavered, leading to the eventual downsizing of their business. Despite their strained relationship, they remained devoted to each other. Against the backdrop of the Covid pandemic, they pondered upon revisiting their roots by reopening one of their cherished restaurants. However, uncertainty clouded their decisions until a suggestion came from their son-in-law, who had previously worked with Strategy People Culture, recommending coaching over therapy, which they had pursued for nearly 25 years.

A Fresh Start: The New Restaurant

Ruth and Rich were at the beginning stages of opening their new restaurant when our coaching work began.  There were several questions to be answered, issues to address, and many key employment matters, including potentially bringing on other partners.  What is incredibly unique about this story is it was not about making money, though operating an unprofitable business was not on the table.  The true catalyst of this new enterprise for Ruth and Rich was how to lead in their new business venture together, hoping that the enterprise would bring the couple closer.  

When Personal Meets Professional: The Business Issue

The couple’s unresolved issues started mirroring their business decisions, leading to micromanagement, disengagement, and ambiguity about providing opportunities to their loyal employees. The intertwined challenges of their personal and professional lives needed untangling.

The Journey of Rediscovery: Coaching vs Therapy

Couple Consulting With A Coach

Unlike the stagnancy of therapy, the coaching experience for Ruth and Rich was transformative. They re-established their love’s foundation through a medley of professional challenges and a therapeutic stroll down memory lane using their photo albums. The photos weren’t just reminders of the past but were gateways to understanding, appreciating, and forgiving each other. 

The true change came from healthy and objective challenges and insights provided by our team-oriented coaching model. Our unique, specially trained coaches partnered with this couple to create transformation from their current life obstacles into opportunities for deep and lasting success. 

Ruth and Rich’s journey, replete with trials and triumphs, underscores the intricate dance between marriage and business, drawing attention to the profound impact of personal relationships on business affairs. It is a testament to the resilience and adaptability that love can imbue in a business partnership. 

Key Takeaways from Merging Business and Marriage

Strategies In Balancing Marriage And Business

When spouses dive into business together, the dynamics of their relationship can deeply influence the business’s trajectory.

  1. Open Communication and Collaboration: Open communication is the cornerstone of successful marriages and businesses. This transparent exchange allows both partners to leverage their expertise and make well-informed decisions. 
  2. Respect and Accountability: Partners must respect each other’s roles in the business and be held accountable for their individual contributions. Mutual trust and understanding are essential to keeping a business running smoothly and enduringly.
  3. Clear Priorities: Businesses should always come first when merging marriage and business, as this will help maintain the integrity of both entities. Partners should be clear on their priorities and goals when running a business together to ensure that they are both working towards the same outcome.
  4. Common Interests: It’s important for partners to have common interests, values, and visions for the company in order to create a strong bond between them. By having shared interests, couples can use their strengths and passions to drive the business forward.

Challenges in Mixing Business and Marriage

Challenges In Mixing Business And Marriage
  1. The Quest for Balance: The weight of running a business, combined with personal responsibilities, can overwhelm you and your spouse. In order for both the business and the relationship to flourish, spouses must wholeheartedly support and champion each other. This unwavering support is crucial for success, fostering a harmonious synergy that leads to mutual growth and prosperity.
  2. Conflict Management: Business discussions shouldn’t turn into personal disputes. The art lies in separating business disagreements from personal feelings.  By setting ground rules ahead of time, such as staying professional and not taking teasing too personally, couples can maintain a healthy balance between business and marriage.
  3. Stress Management: The pressures of entrepreneurship can easily seep into personal lives. Building a supportive marriage acts as a buffer against such pressures. Spouses should understand each other’s stress triggers and take intentional steps to reduce their individual stress. This could include things like taking breaks, engaging in a hobby, or talking openly about work-related anxieties. The aim is to support each other through the highs and lows of business life while maintaining a strong relationship.

Tips for Couples in Business Together

Tips For Couples In Business Together
  1. Work-Life Balance: Prioritizing personal time, setting boundaries, and designating specific work hours helps maintain harmony.
  2. Effective Communication: Creating a supportive, judgment-free environment fosters trust and openness, which is key to navigating conflicts.

For couples like Ruth and Rich, managing both business and marriage might seem daunting. However, with the right guidance and determination, it’s possible to find both professional success and personal fulfillment. Strategy People Culture offers a tailored approach, ensuring each client’s unique challenges are addressed. Don’t let challenges pull you down; seek guidance and pave your path to success.


Ruth and Rich’s tale is a testament to the immense potential and challenges of merging marriage and business. Their journey, from fractured relationships to rediscovered love and aligned business vision, shows that it’s not about choosing one over the other but harmonizing both.

For those who find themselves at the intersection of marriage and business, it’s crucial to remember that sometimes, external guidance, like the specialized consultations offered by Strategy People Culture, can be the catalyst to a breakthrough. 

Our coaching services are often one-on-one with leaders. We understand that each relationship is unique; therefore, our program is customized to serve each client at the highest level. Strategy People Culture offers specialized consultations to help leaders like you grow past your current limitations. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back. Reach out to Strategy People Culture today and schedule your consultation.

Here’s to nurturing both love and leadership!

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