My Lyft Ride Today – The State of Workplace Culture in 2020

My Lyft ride today reminded me of how far society and proper workplace behavior are and raised the question as to whether employers are getting the most inexpensive, quick-solution (lower quality) training to check the box or really ensuring they have good thorough training around workplace discrimination and harassment. I want to preface this by […]

How the NFL Could Be Bigger and Better!

Roger Goodell needs an executive coach!  We are halfway through the NFL season and excitement around the nation builds for who will win the SuperBowl this year, we have a great opportunity to reflect on how much better the NFL could be.  Make no mistake, the business of the NFL has never been better. While […]

EEOC Stats | Sex Based Employment Claims On The Rise

The Equal Employment opportunity commission reported an increase in sex based claims of nearly 14% from 2017 to 2018.  This is despite the fact that overall EEOC claims are down in the country. What does this mean for your company? Start by asking a few questions to yourself about your business.  Is your company more […]

EEO Training Launches New User Portal and Proactive Client Reporting

EEO Training, LLC provides training around sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. EEO Training, LLC is pleased to announce the expansion of a new technology offering to now provide administrative portals and client dashboards to allow true self-service training. Their training meets compliance standards across all 50 United States and is offered in both […]