Effective Leadership How To Prepare For Recession

How To Prepare for Recession: The Critical Role of Effective Leadership


“Recession” is a term often heard these days among economists, especially in the wake of the latest GDP figures and rising interest rates. Yet as United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen pointed out in a recent Meet the Press interview, “When you’re creating almost 400,000 jobs a month, that is not a recession.” Whether we…

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Leadership In Times Of Controversy In Light Of The Recent Changes To The Roe V Wade

Leadership in Times of Controversy in Light of the Recent Changes to the Roe v Wade


The overturning of the Roe v Wade ruling from 1973 by SCOTUS (the Supreme Court of The United States) ended a 50-year constitutional right to abortion. Of course, the formal decision became a bit of a formality after the decision was leaked nearly two months prior. What does this rule of law mean for you…

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Developing Sustainable Leadership Through Executive Coaching

Developing Sustainable Leadership Through Executive Coaching


Contemporary industry leaders are often criticized for continuing with unsustainable business practices that are born from knee-jerk reactions, a short-term focus, or a myopic thought process.  Said more positively, the company’s goals (presumably maximizing profit…ethically) may be more readily achievable through developing the leaders who are running the organization. Executive coaching is an often untapped…

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Leadership And Executive Coaching How To Unlock Your Potential

Leadership And Executive Coaching: How To Unlock Your Potential


An excellent culture breathes productivity, and a stale one leads to something less than optimal results. The basis of every leader’s job is to optimize the results of the team they lead. Are you a born leader? Then, you are truly fortunate, however, some experts would say that it is the wrong question to ask…

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Are Leaders Born Or Made

Are Leaders Born or Made?


If you believe leaders are the pure product of their natural gifts, the answer to the question rests in whether the training and personal development of a leader will cultivate and amplify what is naturally inherent in a person. Of course, how do you know what someone’s true natural skill sets are? From the time…

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