4 Lessons Business Leaders From Tom Bradys Career

4 Lessons Business Leaders Can Take from Tom Brady’s Career


Another crazy NFL season, another Super Bowl ring for Tom Brady. Brady has long been the gold standard for an NFL quarterback. But more importantly, the impact he has on a football team has been a leadership lesson that transcends the NFL. Brady has had many memorable years throughout his near-two-decade tenure in the NFL,…

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Smiling Employees With Their Laptops In Conference Room

Introduction to Leadership and Executive Coaching


When you think of an executive coach, what image comes to mind first? A cheerleader who comes in to boost your or your company morale? An advisor to give you insight on how you could make better operational decisions? A private trainer for those who want to climb corporate ladders? A “life” coach for people…

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Pa Eagles Ny Giants Leadership Lessons 2

Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants: Lessons in Leadership We Can All Learn From


[Image source: Clutchpoints] The Context Eagles v. The Washington Football Team in the last week of the regular season. If Washington wins, they make the playoffs; if they lose, they go home for the year. If Philly wins, they end the season on a high note, though they earn a less valuable draft pick position.…

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Why Nfl Coaches Need Executive Coaches

Why NFL Coaches NEED Executive Coaches


Is Executive Coaching for Professional Sports Critical in 2021? A few years ago, I had the privilege of spending time with some NFL hopefuls. Unfortunately, they were not quite high enough profile to garner an invite to the NFL combine and were still pursuing their dreams through other NFL pre-draft preparatory programs. When I met…

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Financial Uncertainty In Business Leadership Critical

Financial Uncertainty In Business – Leadership Is Critical


What to Do With Your “A+” Talent Pink Floyd, a famous rock band from the late 20th century had a very popular song centered around the concept of becoming “comfortably numb.”  While this may be an overly dramatic way to describe what is happening with business owners’ views on top talent today, I cannot help but see the parallels to the way business…

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