What Is Hostile Work Environment

Hostile Work Environment – What This Really Means!


Having run a practice for over a decade focused on EEO matters such as sexual harassment and discrimination issues in the workplace, the phrase hostile work environment is used frequently and is often misunderstood. The Actual Definition According to dictionary.com one of the definitions of “hostile” is “a person or thing that is antagonistic or…

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Challenges Female Leaders Face In The Workplace

7 Challenges Female Leaders Face in the Workplace – And How to Combat Them


In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, we want to talk about women’s equality in the workplace. For many decades, the American workforce was dominated by men. Even with all the progress we’ve made in recent years, there are still many lingering effects of the past. It’s estimated women account for almost half the…

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Stop Sexual Harassment In Nyc Act

Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act: What You Need to Know


When it comes to new workplace sexual harassment laws, New York State and New York City have been at the forefront of what has become a trend for the rest of the country. It seems both the State and the City have been making a strong effort to crack down on discrimination and harassment under…

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Racism Bias Hatred Divisiveness Still Shocking

Racism, Bias, Hatred, Divisiveness – Sadly Never a Surprise, Yet Somehow Still Shocking


If you know me, you know I tend to avoid political discussions and commentary. As a result, some of the people closest to me don’t know whether I am a Republican or Democrat or how I feel about former President Trump or now current President Biden.  If you also know me, you know I am…

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Once Upon A Time – Civil Rights Didn’t Mean Anything

Once Upon A Time – Civil Rights Didn’t Mean Anything


Up until June 15th, employers in over half the States in the Nation could fire someone simply because they were Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, or Transgender.  As astonishing as they may sound to some, to others it was a very real fact of life.  We are amid a significant Black Lives Matter movement, and the timing…

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