Is Working From Home More Productive?

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is working from home more productive

Lessons Learned From Past And Present Work-From-Home Experience

For most of my career, working from home or in some form of remote capacity was met with resistance by many. One of the most challenging obstacles to this discussion (as to whether it was a good or bad idea) was traditional ways of think with blinders avoiding the possibilities.

As we headed into 2020, certainly more companies and managers alike were more open to the concept than 10 years prior in 2010.  It is jaw-dropping to see what a few months can make with Covid-19 wreaking world health, economic and social havoc.  We have now seen many companies scramble to make their employees productive working remotely when technology allowed for this out of fear for survival.

In these last few months, we are now hearing companies talk about:

  • Reducing their office space
  • Eliminating some of their physical footprint
  • Boosting productivity compared to in-office work and employees working remotely!

To be clear, I do not believe a one size, fits all solution here is the right answer and there are certainly plenty of employees, job functions and benefits to having people physically work together.

Culture and Leadership While Working Remotely

The important take-a-way for CEO’s, COO’s, business owners, leaders of people at all levels is just because you believe something can or cannot work, does not mean you are correct.  Part of my work in my executive coaching practice is helping challenge people in leadership roles to see broader possibilities, identify more solutions and take steps beyond their comfort zone.  Regardless of your industry or your particular organization’s circumstances, whether your business is barely staying afloat or succeeding more than in the past, ask yourself what relative position would you be in had you not had employees managing responsibilities remotely.

Make no mistake about it, this was forced on the business community in wake of the coronavirus.  The best managers of people should be asking themselves what lessons you have not yet learned and what to do to cultivate those ideas.

Could Working Remotely Be More Productive Than In-Office Work? 

I hope what you can stretch your current operations to think about is: unlike employees working remotely, if this was not been forced upon (as in the future it will not be required), could performing your job remotely work even better? Lets challenge our thinking and take advantage of learning what we are truly capable of during this time of reflection and adjustment.

Improve Your Leadership Potential In & Out of The Office

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