Maintaining Focused Work At Home Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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COVID-19 Outbreak - Employees Working from Home - Its Time to Prepare.

The Coronavirus is Scary – But Presents Employers With An Opportunity!

During this trying time in the US, many companies have moved to work-from-home production. Employers and employees are setting up their WFH office spaces in the hopes that they can slow the outbreak of COVID-19 among their friends, families, and our population as a whole.

While we are adjusting to this home-work period, there are active measures that company leaders, owners, CEOs, and employers can take to continually abide by current legislative changes. Especially in the state of New Jersey, training for anti-discrimination and anti-harassment has become mandatory under new state law. Has your organization administered anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training to your employees yet?  As we are all concerned about COVID–19 and many employers are mobilizing their workforces to work remotely, many are worried about maintaining efficient action amongst their employees. Luckily, there is a great self-paced training option for your employees to do while at home.

Interested in providing this online training for your employees as a proactive measure in 2020? Contact us now to enroll your organization!

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