NJ Mandated Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training

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NJ Mandated Law for Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Training

New Jersey Is Playing Catch-Up As The Progressive State

New Jersey has a long history of being at the forefront of providing legislative activity around sexual harassment and discrimination.  To put this in perspective, NJ passed the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) roughly 20 years BEFORE the Civil Rights of 1964.  NJ also has decades-old case law providing good reason for NJ employers to provide training.

In wake of the #MeToo movement, various headlines and scandals throughout the state and nation, NJ has seen many neighboring states pass legislation around mandated training for employers in this area. This list of states includes New York, Connecticut and Delaware.

Recently, Governor Murphy proposed legislation that would now make it mandated for NJ employers to provide this form of training.  If your organization hasn’t yet done this (or maybe has done this poorly), now is a great time to get ahead of this.

We can help by providing training with options in English and Spanish, while also offer web-based on-demand options in addition to live, in-person training.

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