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Stop discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace

Reduce Workplace Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

This year, help reduce your companies’ risk and help your employees at the same time.  New York City shows a 22% increase in sexual harassment cases. This is a good reminder if you haven’t met the mandated sexual harassment and discrimination training requirements, you should do this ASAP.  EEO Training provides training customized to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. Get expert help today.

Equal Employment Opportunity training is about many important business issues.  The majority of companies do this because of either mandated compliance or in furtherance of well thought out risk management. It is true, training is mandated in several states and also opens up the possibility of an affirmative defense for employers even when a sexually harassing or discriminatory action occurs. These actions, in particular, are making EEO training a vital business practice. 

Beyond risk mitigation, there is an extensive list of reasons why an employer should be considering EEO training. A few of these reasons include

– More effective management around productivity

– Turnover and retention

– Increase in sales

– Improving customer experience

– Enhancing recruiting opportunities and many more

Often times, employers struggle to see the investment in training as a value add. Ask yourself the following questions: 

Are employees more likely to leave your organization if they feel they are not treated well?

Are employees being treated better more likely to treat your customers better?

Are prospective candidates joining your company less likely to join your organization if they read on Glassdoor or hear through the rumor mill that their employees are not treated with respect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should be sure to consider a strategy that includes training your employees (entry level maintenance through the CEO) around anti-harassment and anti-discrimination behaviors. Contact our team to get started or learn more!

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