How the NFL Could Be Bigger and Better!

Roger Goodell needs an executive coach!  We are halfway through the NFL season and excitement around the nation builds for who will win the SuperBowl this year, we have a great opportunity to reflect on how much better the NFL could be.  Make no mistake, the business of the NFL has never been better.

While most of us do not have direct insight into how much the NFL owners are making, we can all simply see the NFL has created a remarkable business.  Successful businesses, like the NFL, make the mistake of not working on their leaders’ leadership skills. While some would argue, any press is good press, the NFL “shield” has been bruised by mishandling and inconsistently addressing various player off-the-field issues. 

While Roger Goodell is constantly under an overly unfair public microscope, at times, he doesn’t do himself any favors. The power of effective coaching is to broaden self-awareness, emotional intelligence and broaden one’s thinking around various situations. How much better could the NFL be if the Commissioner was more focused on these skills?

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