“The Big Awkward” Virtual Program

A month ago, our nation was reeling from a series of violent events and news happenings.  Many of our friends and colleagues reached out with questions about how they could appropriately react in their workplace to address the current climate. In response to this overwhelming demand for guidance, we are thrilled to announce “The Big […]

My Lyft Ride Today – The State of Workplace Culture in 2020

My Lyft ride today reminded me of how far society and proper workplace behavior are and raised the question as to whether employers are getting the most inexpensive, quick-solution (lower quality) training to check the box or really ensuring they have good thorough training around workplace discrimination and harassment. I want to preface this by […]

Why Can’t we all Get Along: Lessons from Yahoo, FMLA

I have been fortunate to be part of a LinkedIn group discussing risk management and employment law related topics. One of the members recently posted this article as it brings together the recent news of Yahoo’s restrictive telecommuting policy with the thought of FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) practices. The commentary from this group […]