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My Lyft Ride Today – The State of Workplace Culture in 2020

My Lyft ride today reminded me of how far society and proper workplace behavior are and raised the question as to whether employers are getting the most inexpensive, quick-solution (lower quality) training to check the box or really ensuring they have good thorough training around workplace discrimination and harassment.

I want to preface this by saying I had the pleasure of visiting Lyft headquarters in San Francisco a couple of years ago and think they are a terrific organization. However, my ride this morning in a Lyft car reminded me of how wide the gap is between societal behavior and what is happening around proper workplace behavior.  I was in a shared ride situation that had three passengers in total and the driver had music on the radio that was using strong language that could have easily offended both women and people of certain racial minorities.

This was essentially a work situation and yet this “employee“ was not even aware of what they were potentially doing  (at least giving this person the benefit of the doubt).  Applying this to your workplace, is your training in this area selected to just check the box or are you really identifying a thorough and effective training mechanism to help effectively train your employees and address your risk management issues?

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