Executive & Leadership Coaching

Working with current and future leaders to better themselves and their businesses

Leaders in all facets of the workforce ranging from senior executives and high potential leaders in business to professional athletes often are faced with challenges to their own blind spots in being an effective leader.  Executive coaching provides a highly customized and direct solution for leaders to have a partner to challenge a leader to higher levels of success.  Reasons to hire Strategy People Culture may include:

  • Strong desire to become a better leader for your business and the people around you
  • Professionally trained, years of practical experience and being real is important to us
  • Constant push to enable good leaders to be great leaders and great leaders to be even greater
  • Deepen self-awareness – explorers of what limitations may exist holding someone back and elevating an understanding of strengths
  • Ability to help identify and refine core challenges needed to be worked through
  • Confidentiality and clear understanding of what will be shared ahead of time – no surprises and absolute trust
  • Working beyond leadership challenges and enhanced skill sets is the incessant goal
  • Philosophy is all based on providing support and challenge for thoughts to bring to action
  • Results – enhanced leadership and organization wide productivity
  • Facilitation of 360° review process