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Politics be damned, leadership trumps all – I beg you!

I learned many years ago that using absolutes is often a mistake; such words as “always” and “never” really shouldn’t be used too loosely.  Hence, expressions like “never say never” appear in most people’s circles at some point in their lives.  I also learned as I get older and older, too many of us fall victim of losing idealism and the desire to do what is right in place of a balanced need for self-preservation.  Recognizing this as the reality of the world we live in, I still long for better leadership.

Wikipedia defines leadership “as ‘a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task’.”

As you read this, my hope is this blog may encourage you to think about what are you doing and not doing to be a better leader in your companies.  Laud me or applaud me for admitting I have become disinterested in politics over the last decade +.  In the spirit of absolutes, I would say times are ALWAYS presenting challenges and today we are certainly in challenging times.

The need for leadership is ALWAYS present and becomes a more glaring issue in elevated times of challenge.  As we can all cheer or criticize our politicians on local, state, and national platforms, the one thing I sadly believe we are missing is a true leader:

There are ALWAYS different points of view; some people genuinely believe the Coronavirus scare is overblown and even a hoax, while others are taking the Coronavirus as a very serious health risk.

The beauty of being an American (I cannot speak for other cultures) is we are entitled to our individual beliefs and points of view.  That said, politically I long for our government leaders to remember their role beyond their own self-preservation.  In theory, each politician is elected by the people, to represent the people while remembering basic democratic values such as majority rule with majority rights.  Whether I agree or disagree with directional choices….and there is ALWAYS going to be someone who disagrees with any decision…..our society needs politicians who are able to listen to trusted points of view around them and make directional decisions.

Imagine this from the President, your respective Governor, your respective school superintendent, etc saying something like the following: I care about my reelection, but I don’t care about my reelection as much as I care about doing what I believe is right based on the information I am privy to and LEADING our society?

There would be disagreement and possibly protest and possibly violence.  That said, I would rather have to deal with consequences of our society working together and steering the ship in the same direction, than us all wandering around without clear direction about schools, business, the economy and personal safety. Compromise is an ever-present concept in democracy, marriage, parenting, and even privately owned businesses, yet compromise does not meet to waffle in indecisiveness.

As a leader, have you effectively been challenging your own information gathering and ability to make better decisions for your business?  Executive coaching may be more valuable now than ever.  Please contact our team or me directly at

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