Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training

Strategy People Culture, LLC understands the many cultural and legal reasons to have anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training in the workplace, and the business benefits to provide such training. 

In response to this need, Strategy People Culture, LLC will provide Federal and State compliant training to your management and staff.  Strategy People Culture will go beyond the compliance standards to provide an engaged approach to live training so your employees gain a deeper understanding of the topic through real examples, hypothetical situations and role playing.  Some areas covered may include:

  • Overview of your company related policies and discussion on procedures to follow if harassment occurs
  • Discussion of laws surrounding harassment in the workplace
  • U.S. Supreme Court precedence
  • State case law
  • Federal and State legislative statutes
  • Conversation around the cultural and business benefits of workplaces free from harassment and discrimination
  • Explanation of what harassment and discrimination are
  • Review of forms of harassment and discrimination, including types of behavior that constitute harassment or discrimination
  • Discussion on harassing or discriminatory conduct
  • Strategies to prevent harassment and discrimination and best practices
  • Employee and management responsibilities
  • Practical examples and hypothetical situations to illustrate sexual harassment, discrimination and potential retaliation.
  • And more