Imagine if President Donald Trump had an Executive Coach?

I don’t know the President any more than the typical American who reads and hears the news.  I do believe there is a large sentiment of the American population who believes our President is erratic, lacks polish, and is overly reactive. In spite of this, Mr. Trump has a career on paper with significant achievement, whether it is the financial empire he built or reaching the highest office in the United States.  The question I raise is – would President Trump be more effective with a private thought and challenge partner to confidentially help him with his emotional intelligence and general self-awareness? I consistently tell my prospective clients executive coaching can be exceptionally rewarding if two basic characteristics are present.  First, there must be an open mind to some degree. In other words, the coachee must be willing to explore more options beyond their initial opinion. Secondly, there needs to be trust established between the coach and the coachee. While at first glance, our President may appear highly stubborn and not open minded, I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Do you believe Mr. Trump would be a more effective leader of the free world if he had an executive coach (assuming he was open minded)? Vote now on the poll – Yes or No — in the comments below!

Beyond the poll, is there anyone you believe in your organization who would be more effective for the business if they had an executive coach?  Contact me to discuss.

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